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I’m Merry-Lita Bliss, designer, pop-up yoga event planner and Transformational Nutrition Coach based in Glen Mills, Philadelphia, and Delaware County areas!

I believe in the power of words…especially the words we speak to ourselves. My line of clothing is WEARABLE AFFIRMATIONS – designed to support you in your personal evolution – to remind you of your journey, your value, your awesomeness.

I also partner with local businesses to offer REMARKABLE POP-UP YOGA EVENTS that delight your senses, relax your body, unwind your mind, and build a stronger community.

I look forward to seeing your transformation.


You’re worth it.


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Merry-Lita Bliss

Supporting your personal evolution!


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27 Benefits of Yoga

1. Better sleep
2. More energy
3. More strength
4. Better sex
5. Lower blood pressure
6. Less pain
7. Better metabolism
8. Better immunity
9. Better respiration
10. Better circulation
11. Better posture
12. Better balance
13. Lower weight
14. Less anxiety
15. Better memory
16. Lower cholesterol
17. Lower blood sugar
18. Lower risk of heart disease
19. Improved oxygen levels
20. Improved digestion
21. Improves mood
22. Provides inner calm
23. Moves lymphatic fluid
24. Lowers sodium levels
25. Improves outlook
26. Tones body
27. Boost mental acuity